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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 6, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> then adam tweets faith can help ease the pane by -- the pain for the family. >> now, it's time for shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> much more on the child pronounced brain dead of tonsillectomy. where are he parents taking her now? who is advising this family? what does the family plan to do with center. >> plus, you're probably inside for good reason today, and so many spots of our nation it's so cold, sticking your head in your freezer might warm you up. the incredible winter blasts and what in the world is a frost quake? and overseas, some storm photos you have to see to believe, and you will. so late get too it. >> good monday afternoonment of of the new year to you and yourself. from the fox news deck,
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brutal:sweeping our nation, all the way from florida to new england. it's very blue now, and this math is nuts. that whole area of the right, what do they call that thing, the polar something or other -- vortex. a polar vortex. been a weather geek all my life, never heard of a polar vortex. the cold air that is supposed to live on the top has just migrated. so extreme it's bringing in weird weather words like polar vortex and frost quakes. a polar vortex is a whirlwind of boundary-chilling cold and is about to cover half the country, and the area in blue and the white area. and look at the temperatures on tap for tonight. 15 degrees below zero in chicago. 13 below in detroit. the bitter cold even stretches down south. six degrees in atlanta. i happen to know it's supposed to be seven tonight in october ford. jacksonville will be below freezing. factor in the wind chill and
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it's colder than humans can take for more than a couple of minutes in parts of the midwest it will feel to you as if we are in 60 below weather. a great night to watch a national championship game if you ask me, indoors in minnesota, all schools closed because of the dangerous temperatures, and when they close down the schools in minnesota because of the cold, it's cold. the first time they've done that in 17 years. so cold in st. louis, you can barely see the gateaway arch through the freezing fog. how frozen fog stays in the air? ask the people in st. louis, too cold to ski. in canada, folks around toronto have been reporting frost quakes. what i had did -- did you say? frost quakes. loud booms that the extreme cold creates. so when it gets really cold, thing goes boom. usually happen ops polar brace
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'er -- polar graceer. janice dean is in the fox weather center. let's talk to garrett. i was thinking, if we did a ten or 15-mint live shot with you today we'd have a job opening. >> it only takes five to ten minutes in this type of weather for someone's skin to completely freeze for that frostbite to kick in. it's negative 12 in chicago. with the wind chill, it's more like negative 37, 38. that's across the midwest. you mentioned in minnesota, negative. 60. we're going to show you how cold it is. we have this cup of boiling hot water in this weather, when you get this boiling hot water and throw it up in the air, you can see a lot of it just turns right into snow. crystallizes there with the ice. this is the conditions people are facing throughout the
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midwest today. officials are asking people to stay indoors. you don't see the kind of fruit traffic you would in chicago on a monday afternoon, on the walkways as well as on the streets. lots of people are heeding that advice, which is good news, because these roads have been nasty out all day, all across the midwest. >> i have never seen that water trick. wondered what would happen if you did that on your head? [laughter] we were worried about this as well. that's i would we threw it over the ledge. but, shep, all across the midwest today, in minnesota, minneapolis, canceling school for the first anytime 17 years. hundreds of school districts have already cancelled classes tomorrow. some of them already canceling school for wednesday as well. now, of course, this weather is causing many of these travel delays as well. chicago's o'hare airport cancelled 1600 flights today
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alone, after canceling 1200 flights yesterday. indianapolis' mayor raised the city's travel emergency level to red, making it illegal for nip to be driving except for imagines. that's the first time the city issued the warning since 1978. now, more than 16,000 homes in illinois are without power. 45 -- more than 46,000 in indiana. and -- [coughing] -- injury sorry, this cold weather is catching up with me. the governor will be issuing declarations of emergency for 252 counties in the state of idea and not going to get better today. as you mentioned, temperatures down in the negative tens. single digits. when you factor in the wind chill, negative 20s, 30s, and 40s, out there the midwest. >> we'll keep you up and on camera for the rest of the hour so the viewers can watch you freeze. one other phenomenon i noticed -- i need to see him
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again -- where is he? he disappeared. he is frozen. solid blue now. you can see that. the fox news channel logos are multiplying in this cold. he has one on his handand one on his chest. thank you, sir, good luck. the cold weather has forced airlines to cancel the 4,000 flights today already, just as many delays in the ribbon, around the news deck, we have a lift of the airports with the most cancellations. according to flight aware, chicago's o'hare, by far the worst. jetblue cancelled all of its flights to and from boston, new york city, and newark. so if you were going to miami to escape this, you can't do it. the airline reports it's trying to get things back on track after the miserable weather over the weekend. let's continue or team fox coverage and get to janice dean the weather machine. i've never seen this city with the two us and js and a q in the end and it's cold there.
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>> the worst is in central canada, pushing south in towards the northern plains and the ohio river valley where we saw garrett. it feels like minus 39 in chicago, minus 37 in fargo. and the core of the cold air across the u.s. is right positioned roos the upper midwest and the ohio river valley where we have wind chills in the minus 40 range, minus 30, and the average temperature across the map, across the u.s. right now, shepard, is 19 degrees, and this cold is affecting 200 million people. >> i have another question but i want to show you this. we watched the other channels and our channel is on a delay. these other channels are doing the same thing. and we could have spent a total of eight seconds to tell you it's cold, stay inside. unless you're in florida. parts of the south are getting it bad, too. >> look as at these wind chill advisories. never seen this before. over two dozen states into wind chill watches and warningsessing
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a far south as south florida and look the gulf coast. temperatures in the single digits overnight tonight with wind chills below zero for a lot of our southern friends. atlanta, seven. 14, raleigh, 33, tampa. and seven in atlanta, 14 in montgomery, 14 in jackson. 13 in little rock. so it's extending as far south as south florida. >> i don't know when jackson moved to this lower part of the state, january any but jackson is more here and up here in oxford it's seven tonight with the wind chill of minus ten. >> your friends and family, ever felt cold like this? >> i remember an ice storm? 1976. this is cold -- the good thing, it's not going to last very long and going to move up to canada where it belongs. >> yes. we have to get through today and tomorrow and this will eventually push towards the northeast. so we get the big chill tomorrow in places like new york, where right now we're 40 degrees, and going to drop 30 degrees in the next 24 hours, and you can see
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the wind chill as we go throughout time, by tomorrow, subzero temperatures and what it feels like in new york, minus five in philadelphia, minus seven in albany, and one in d.c. by 1:00 p.m. on tuesday. >> 50 on the way to work today. did not even wear a coat. tonight will be different. bundle up. good to see you. over in britain, waves nearly 30 feet high have been crashing the coast, and leave something towns underwater. look at the size of this monitor wall of water. i don't know exactly how this picture was taken but looks like it wasground level -- was ground level and almost as tall as the buildings along the shore. it's a call wave. weeks of stormy weather have churned things up and very rough seas. the sea waters flooded some 1700 homes. waves so big they forced people out of seafront homes like these. officials report at least seven people have died. and another picture shows just how dangerous these waves really are. look at that thing.
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i hope that's another trick of the eye because that's a monster crashing over people. officials say one teenager who wents out to take pictures has not yet shown up. the utah -- the supreme court, i should say, has put a stop to same-sex marriages in utah. they didn't rule on it. they said, hang on a minute. last month the u.s. district judge ruled that the state's ban on same-sex marriage violate the constitutional rights of gay lesbian couples. state officials appealed the ruling and said you're trying to work on this at the supreme court. let's wait until we have an overall decision. now the highest court put same-sex weddings on hold in utah, while the federal appeals court considers the issue. they didn't rule on it. we don't know if it was unanimous but there was no dissent. no word how long this thing is going to take. the governor of utah says he supports the ruling, adding, and i quote, i firmly believe this is a state rights issue. that's a familiar phrase -- and
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i will work to defend the people of out and our state constitution. a spokesperson for the gay and lesbian aliens against ainamation released the denying gay and lesbian utah couples, the vital protections that october marriage can afford, the court is putting families at risk and taking a big step backwards. >> the united states involved in a rescue at the bottom of the world. ahead, the u.s. coast guard reportedly on the way to antarctica to try to save more than 100 people on ships that are stuck in the ice. plus, the u.s. unemployment rate is now at its lowest level in five years. of course, millions of americans are still out of work. nobody denies that. now, the senate is on the verge of voting on the long-term benefits package. do you extend long-term unemployment benefits in this unique situation in which we find ourselves or cut it off? and if you cut it off, what happens to the recovering
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and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? some breaking news in our own neighborhood. in fact a couple blocks up the street and has to do with a multiple explosion that have been felt here right around rockefeller center. we're over here on 48th 48th street. that's 49th street. this is 50th street. with rockefeller center, and see all this police traffic over
12:15 pm
here? that's 51st street, and my understanding, 51st street and sixth of musician avenue of the america -- i don't know why they have two names -- the first floor of un140 west 51st 51st street has been evacuate, and the fbies advising others to shelter in place for the moment because they're feeling these explosions that we believe are coming from manholes and a fire in manhole covers and that may be a transformer fire. the fire department of new york this, the fdny is there. when there's big doings on sixth avenue -- sometimes there is because somebody will pass out or somebody will get mad, and there will be 50 ambulances out there this is not that situation. we can tell you what does happen is, when you get these fires down underneath the streets, the city goes down for, what, eight stories below the street level, subways and electrical systems and all that when these fires happen down there, the heat coming up, especially on a cold day, can pop those manhole
12:16 pm
covers and they sound like explosions, and the manhole covers can be very dangerous, shooting into buildings and whatever. so we're watching this breaking news next door. this is an inexpensive breaking news story to cover. when we get more details we'll bring it. one over niter major political battles of the year is ramping up on capitol hill, you'll be happy to know. didn't take long. the senate is back in session. lawmakers set to hold a test vote on a measure that would temporarily extend long-term benefits for nearly 1.3 million americans on unemployment. people who have been out of work for more than a year, they've proved they're trying to find jobs and can't. the benefits ran out on the 28th of december. and congress approved them in 2008 to help americans through the big recession. now president obama is urging congress to renew these benefits again. but many republicans say they'll cost taxpayers some $25 billion over the course of the next two years, and the democrats first need to figure out how to pay for them.
12:17 pm
a familiar refrain. and mike emanuel is covering this from capitol hill. democrats say weed in to extend it for a lot of different reasons. some that affect gist families and some that affect everybody in america. >> shep, they're saying it ill have an impact on the economy, and also calling it emergency spending. it's about helping american families that are struggling to find -- during this difficult time to find a job. >> it's not one job for one an mix -- an palestinian applicants. it's 1600 applicants for 36 jobs. they're trying. they're trying awfully hard. but unless we pass this legislation this evening and begin the process, we're not trying. >> nevada republican senator dean heller supports the extension. the jobless rate there in nevada was 9% at the end of last year. well above the national average. they need about five republicans or so to pass the 60-vote thresh
12:18 pm
hold for the vote. >> in a political season it's a tricky thing because some constituents will say good, for you, others might say, i'm hungry. >> that's right, and there's no question about it. we're entering this political season, we're entering into an election year, and so some democrats are warning people that are against this, we are going to use this against you when you come up on the ballot this years. some runs said we're in a recovery, may not be a great recovery, but when do we start scaling back these unemployment benefits that have been going on for year after year now during this deep recession? you have tennessee republican lamar alexander says he will vote know because they should put people back to work, including job training programs in addition to the unemployment benefits. and then another leading republican talked about essentially the price tag of all this, how you pay for it.
12:19 pm
>> with regard to unemployment insurance, i've always said that i'm not opposed to unemployment insurance, i am opposed to having it without paying for it. i think it's wrong to borrow money from china or simply to print money for it. but i'm not against having unemployment insurance. >> i am hearing some members are have something weather flight delay issues so we'll see if that has an impact on the total vote or on the timing of the vote. >> mike emanuel on the hell. thank you very much. i you like damage jets, -- gadgets the consumer electronics show kicks off in vegas you. see that movie, internship, about google. i liked it. they had a google car that drives itself. this year the star of the event is not the new cell phone or a huge video tv or game console. this time it's the car about which i just spoke. a computer for a show fewer. but -- show driver, and would
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the pain started up and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergencroom recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor.
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there was concern about my eyesight. when i had shingles the music stopped.
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hi tech cars that drive themselves are all the talk in vegas. today kicks off the consumer electronics show there audi offered a preview, car that operates hands-free but can for you avoid collisions and park itself. >> what is the most probable path that the person would follow and car on left and right are heading for, and you are
12:24 pm
heading for, and we can look beneath the car in front of you and see what the car two or three cars in front of you are doing. >> sounds like a lot. the car has a camera that monitors the eyes of the driver. if you close your eyes for longer than a blink, it gives you a warning to prevent you from falling asleep. ford's also on the floor of the consumer electronics show in vegas, showing off its solar-powered car, equipped with solar panels on the roof. lance is the editor in chief of the tech site,, and is on the floor -- are you on the floor? >> live shot. >> this is just as well. i want to hear about this car. i watched that movie, about the intern at google, and i thought it was throw-down hilarious, i don't care what they say. and i saw the little car drive by. tell me about it. >> so, self-driving car technology is not new but the big news is how close is it getting to consumer access? a lot of cars have a lot of
12:25 pm
censors inning this, collision avoidance, that will beep when things are happening around you, and this is -- now, audi and google getting closer and closer together. google the leader in self-driving car technology, built a lot of it. and audi wants to get it on the road this year, but of course, it's going to take a lot of people saying, especially the government, this is okay, this is safe. what is really interesting about this, it's just an indication of the bigger trend. the internet of things. it's technology and sensors and self-awareness in virtually everything and it's all othe place at cef. >> what about the solar-powered one itch don't knoll how to feel about that. >> i don't know. i'm not that excited about it. people talking about if you park it in the garage what do you do then? it's an interesting idea, and it would be great if you can use those solar panels to power all the technology you carry in the car. everybody has a phone, an
12:26 pm
ipad. instead of drawing energy off the car's battery, draw it off the solar panel. >> that would be good because phones and stuff don't change. what else is cool there? >> of course i just say the lg curve tv -- >> hough is that? >> it is massive, and it's gorgeous. but it really is a curved screen. a 29.9 screen so wider than your normal screen but the curvature makes for a better viewing experience for everybody. it's expensive, here's the important thing. last year we talked about 4k which is really high resolution screen. this year we're talking about 4k content. netflix, house of cards, going to come out in 4k. so looks beautiful if you can afford the tv. >> they're going to -- this curved tv thing, that's what our big wall here is, and the reason this wall is curved is in part because of the reflections you
12:27 pm
get. you watch tv, watching auburn and florida state and there irlights in the room you can get a glare off the screen. on our monster wall we would have no glare. >> the other thing that is important is wearable technology. i'm actually wearing some technology -- a fuel band, google glasses everywhere i goo, now we're seeing some smart stuff. i saw from netmo, bracelet for women with a jewel, and it reads the uv light and tells you if you're overexposed. gives you an alert, put in some information. so that's useful technology. doesn't look ugly. wellness watches. it's happening and interesting but they're still trying to find a way to make it attractive enough that everybody will want it. >> i wore a fit band for a while, one of those watches with the phone. seemed like a redone dense si
12:28 pm
thing, and google grass, i don't need everything everybody does recorded. enough is enough already so shut up about the googmg glasses. nice to see you. bring us something fun tomorrow. >> all right. >> a relative could be winning their battle to keep a young girl on life support despite the fact she is, according to everyone who has been involved in this, dead. after a simple and very common surgery went horribly wrong. another medical tragedy after a girl goes to the dentist. the basic procedure including root canals and fillings, causing a little girl to die, and an update on our manhole explosion thing in new york city. i know this because someone just said in my ear, we have an update on the manhole explosion they're beautifully blocking sixth avenue so something is going on. we'll find out what that is in the middle of this next commercial. hang tough. and now my journey across the country has brought me to the lovely
12:29 pm
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in breaking news update on the manhole issue here in new york city. seems the flames were going ten to 11 feet above the street level. this is 51st street and sixth avenue, right across from rockefeller center. the fire is out. this is outside the building in mid-town. witnesses said the flames were ten to 11 feet coming up out of the manhole and there were explosions that were rocking people around. the closed off the first floor of one building and blocked off part of sixth avenue, and this is video of the explosion itself. look at this. >> there it is right there. flames coming up right out of the street. nobody got hurt out of that thing, thankfully, but imagine walking up the street that's about to be a deep freeze outside, flames start shooting up. welcome to new york.
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>> the united states is getting involved in rescuing crew members trapped on two ice-breaking ships in antarctica. one icebreaker was there on a research trip but got stuck. and as did the mother ship that attempted to pick -- attempted to pick up the passengers. a helicopter crew rescued dozen of people from the ships ships d more than 100 are still strand. the u.s. coast guard has but one ice-breaking ship and officials say it will take about a week to get there. but they say the people troped on those ships have enough food and water for now and they are at this point, at least, doing pretty well. new information in the indication of a brain dead 13-year-old girl whose family has been fighting to keep her on life support. her name, jahi mcmath. last month, doctors at a hospital in oakland, california, say they removed her tonsils because she had encountered breathing problems while sleeping. relatives say three day after the surgery she had a heart
12:35 pm
attack and blood began pouring from her nose and mouth. can you imagine the horror for the parents? doctors declared her brain dead, and the doctors said they needed to remove her from the ventilator. there was no chance for her. but relatives convinced a judge, despite all the medical evidence and science, to let the medical team move her to another facility. the family's lawyer tells the san jose mercury newspaper that the teenager has arrived at a new facility but they're not telling anyone where the facility is. this lawyer had previously said, a medical center in new york might be willing to care for her, but is she here? we don't know. we have an attorney, lisa, with us, on some legal issues. let's begin with our own lea gabe grill on the nuts and bolds. i was following this and all you can think about is the family. >> no one is telling us exactly where jahi is and all the familiar family members are saying they continue to express
12:36 pm
hope. >> very grateful and proud of everyone that supported us, that prayed for us, everyone that helped donate to make this possible, without you guys, none of this would be possible. >> you heard jahi's uncle mention donationsment -- donations. one doctor says the long-term care required could cost between $25,000 and 100,000 per month. the family attorney says all the publicity around the story brought out the best and worst in people. take a listen. >> we have had people make threats around the country. it's sad that people act that way. so for jahi's safety and those around her we will not be saying where she went or where she is. >> now, according to the family attorney jahi left the hospital attached to a ventilator but without a feeding tube, and a doctor explains the ventilator essentially pumps air into the lungs and, shep, the medical expert explained that is essentially what keeps the heart beating. >> without that, she -- there is
12:37 pm
no hope according to the doctors. i hate to put it that way but that's what the doctors ruled. >> it depends on who you speak with. according to the "associated press," three different doctors conducted exams on jahi and said that she was brain dead. they said there was no electrical activity in the area of her brain that control breathing. the hospital where she was staying argued that her brain death means she is legally dead and should be disconnected from the ventilator. one medical expert says that the hospital is actually taking the most humane approach and that any medical facility who tried to give the family hope was giving them false hope. take a listen. >> you prolonged a situation for them. you cannot give them what they hope for. they hope to get their daughter back and that's just not going to happen. you're just prolonging the inevitable. >> i spoke with the founder of a facility in new york who is willing to accept jahi. she says that three weeks isn't long enough to see if the brain might start to recover, and that
12:38 pm
her team wants to give jahi a chance. >> by giving jahi an opportunity to recover, to give her nutrition, -- let's say how brain dead she is at that point. >> last night the hospital released jahi to the coroner, who issued a death certificate before turning custody over to jahi's mother, and we're told that there's no cause of death listed on the death certification because it would require an autopsy. >> this is -- it's sad to see that. let's bring in a lawyer for the legal part of this. lisa is with us. when you don't have oxygen into your brain -- >> that's it. >> the doctors have -- except for the one person who i just heard from -- there's no hope, saddlely. >> there's no hope. there is an act, uniform determination death act and dictates what brain dead is, what legal death is, secession
12:39 pm
of respiratory or cardiac, second prong cessation of brain activity and the brain stem. that's where the controversy is, because the brain stem has to be getting some sort of oxygen, but limited. it's not enough oxygen to have a functioning body to indicate that this girl will ever recover. the lack of oxygen to the brain, unlike other parts of the body, once your brain does not get enough oxygen, it can't regenerate itself. when the brain dies, it dies and that's the saddest issue of this case, because she is legally dead there is a death certificate. a hospital, a medical facility in new york -- i don't see how they can legally tack her, the insurance wouldn't cover her, the hip thattic -- >> i wonder who is advising this family to give people hope where there is no hope seems like they're clueless of all things. >> you have to say, all of these people donating to this little girl, probably families that faced a similar situation, maybe
12:40 pm
they had children in a similar circumstance, and they look for hope. but the advice they're receiving is really doing nothing but prolonging a lot of anxiety, and the ultimate outcome for this family -- the ultimate outcome, maybe they need time to get through the grieving but the ultimate outcome for jahi is this little girl is not going to have a viable life no matter what they do for her. >> lisa, lea, nice to see you. all the best to the family. a different beached medical procedure has taken the life of a three-year-old in hawai'i now. that's according to an attorney for the child's family. the court documents show that staffers at island dentistry for children had planned to perform four root canals and multiple cavity fillings but the attorney says they gave the child incorrect doses of sedatives and were not properly trained for an emergency situation. he says the little girl suffered massive brain injuries last month and died. he adds that family plans to
12:41 pm
file a wrongful death suit against the dentist's office. -- i should say against the dentist and her office. looks like the dentist's office is a done deal here because we just saw today that they've put -- that's not it -- was it that one? -- this is from our fifth computer. this is island den cities -- den this and says it's closed permanently and you can get the records. that dentistry is apparently finished. >> a man is rereunited with his family after being spotted on the streets. if you have not seen this story, you have not picked up your phone or looked across the horizon for the picture of this young man has been everywhere. and i think they probably started flooding this manhole cover with water. the sixth avenue -- it's a smoky mess out there where the manhole
12:42 pm
cover -- there was a fire and now -- well, it's all smoky on sixth avenue. what does this mean? means it's smoky on six sixth avenue.
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and shift through all eight speeds of a transmission connected to more standard horsepower than its german competitors. and that is the moment that driving the lexus gs will shift your perception. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> quarter to 4:00 here in new york city. days after man disappeared from his home in update new york his relatives found him on the cover of u.s.a. today. his name is nicholas simmons. his family says he was missing on new year's day, left behind his wallet and his keys and cell phone, everything, so they were all weirded out by it, this is not normal. three days later a photographer for the "associated press" working on some story about the freezing weather and take pictures of homeless people, and there's his picture, showing him keeping warm on a steam grate that covers the street. it's hundreds of miles from where he went missing. the police captain says he drove there. but cops say they had no leads
12:46 pm
until that photo came out, and somebody recognized him. he reunited with his family last night in a hospital in washington, the lead investigator says it was pure dumb luck how this happened and adding, it's true lay miracle. >> how did the family end up -- you see your kid there. oh, my god. how do you fine him? >> social media. they got online, made a lot of phone calls and it was the reporter and photographer who jumped in and helped out. i want to you the picture of the u.s.a. today, a picture we have seen all day long taken by the af photographer, she was napping pictures in an area where the homeless gather on the cold days. simmons was last seen leaving his parent' home in greece, new york, suburb of rochester, which is nearly 400 miles away, on new year's day, took off without anything on him. i talked with the photographer, she says she noticed simmons as
12:47 pm
being the youngest in the group, looked a little out of place. he said his name is nick. the picture was spotted by friends and families who were able to track down the u.s.a. reporter and photographer, which also led them to nick. police sale the way everything fell into place was one in a million shot. >> certainly very unusual. the odds are against someone taking that photograph, the photograph actually making it into the paper, and then somebody actually seeing the forecast in the paper. >> so, police picked him up, took him to the hospital and is reunited with his family. >> what happens next? >> right now we have the greece police saying they're going to close down the case. >> the greece police. >> greece, number, setting down the case. they want to have some questions answered, but they don't know if they'll get that. police tell us there was some type of discussion between simmons and his parents before he bolted and they felt the circumstances were enough to open up a missing persons case. they notified the department of
12:48 pm
motor vehicles, checked local hospitals, comes, and malls, and nothing until that photo. >> everybody needs a little now and then. >> been watching this stuff on the big wall. are you watching this? >> i have. >> this is one of these -- these things are interesting to me because this doesn't happen in most cities. most cities don't have eight stories of moreness beneath the streets. when you have eight stories of something else, this happens. it's my understanding there was a fire. they had it out but turns out they didn't. and what happened in the underground fires in new york city, especially since 9/11, they have ventilation systems that allow you, for instance to clear the holland tunnel, you can clear that entire tunnel in an hour of whatever is it in. they have giant fans and when
12:49 pm
you have a fear you bring the fan in and shoot the smoke into the streets. that's troublesome for people walking around, and the producer says it smells like a burning tire plant. and see the flames coming up out of the street? see that? nobody hurt. so far as we know, nobody hurt. but it's stinky on sixth avenue and about to geld cold -- about to get cold, really cold. >> it's warming people up. >> aren't you the eternal optimist. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] evenore impressive than the research this man has at his disposal is how he puts it to work for his clients. morning. morning. thanks for meeting so early. co on in. [ male annncer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief.
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seven and a half minutes until cavuto. colorado's recreational marijuana shops are running low on the rockie mount high. the demand for pot is so strong
12:53 pm
they could run out of the stuff in a matter of days. it's now legal for anyone 21 and older to possess up to one ounce of weed in colorado for recreational use. the new law took effect last week on new year's day, and now, just five days later, pot prices are growing. and the supply is burning out. many stores are scrambling to keep it up we called one marijuana shop in denver, the 3-d can bus center. the answering machine picked up saying the business is closed today and tomorrow to, quote, re-evaluate its stock. maybe it meant elevate. joining us now is kennedy who is host of the independent on the fox business network. i could say something funny now. >> i've been going over marijuana names all day. so i could give you the golden goat or the purple -- or the marks mean green, but i'm not going to. >> what you're wearing is not the stinky.
12:54 pm
it's a weed color. did you wear this in love of colorado. >> with matching green shoes. woo, no, green is a good luck color for the new year. they're hoping in colorado. but this is what happens when market forces take effect. when you have people who really want something badly, they're going to buy a lot of it, and it diminishes the supply. but the way the law is written, you have to produce your own stock. that means you have to grow your own marijuana as a seller. so that would be like requiring every bar to distill their owngen. it's clumsy but it's the law. >> it feels like the stub-hubikation of weed. there's no more weed. you have to grow your own weed. so scammers -- scalps buy the weed and sell it on the black market. >> it's called smurfing. stoners think of whacky names and eat delicious treats.
12:55 pm
so smurfing is where you buy everything up and sell it on the black market. >> the way it will fiction itself is market forces take over and -- >> proper market forces. >> supply and demands. think of the government imposed market forces in place after prohibition. in our dry county in mississippi, when the got gifts out of the way of something that is legal, it will get better. >> the problem i'm worried about it's going to force a lot of legitimate buyers to go find black market dealers. >> they already had them before. black market -- >> and they're in the phone book under b. >> oh. >> b for black market. >> all right. so, if you go to colorado, give it a try? >> no. i -- >> past that? >> i'm so far past that and i'm been told by several physicians that marijuana is not a gooding there for me to experiment with
12:56 pm
for a number of reasons i'll tell you offcamera. >> if i tweet it i would. that's why i don't tweet. >> shep news team does. @shep news team is awesome. >> their next report is on he short yang of doritos -- shortage of dough riot toes. all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today.
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12:59 pm
we're still covering the breaking news that at 18 minutes past the hour we reported the fire is out. and said fire is definitely not out now, unless there are lingering flames escaping the bowels of the city and that's not possible. this is the smoky street level, and this doesn't make a difference for many of you but it is weird it's still burning. is this the street shot? there's the street shot. the fire trucks are down there. there's no reason to panic. our producer says it smells really bad, like a cross between a tire factory burning and something about a large urinal.
1:00 pm
something like the combination of those two things. not a pretty picture. but the dow is not great, either. off 40. low volume, though, here in the new year. hope cavuto has something better for you. until then, goodbye. >> weather-wise, no, fox on top of a major pain in the polar vortex as a whirl wound, bone-chilling cold from the north bowl descendses on the country, smashing records and bringing wind chill as low as 0 degrees below zero. no matter where you are today, you are feeling it today. >> minus 36 in michigan. 32 below zero in fargo, north dakota. minus 21 in madison, wisconsin. those are not wind chills. that's just the chill without the wind. and just to give you an idea of how cold it is, in


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